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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 24, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a.m. the doctor tells you to go let the dogs out at 7:00, don't go. >> call your neighbor. >> when did you know the name? i know you were hiding it from me. >> there was a family feud over the name. there was a family feud over the name. >> i glad you didn't go with bubbles. >> i like olivia much better. >> ultrasound photo, looked like she was blowing bubbles. >> welcome back. >> you did a great job on the weather while i was gone. >> i'm trying to make the weather good for charlie to bring the baby home. today a little bit chilly. bundle up. see the temperatures in the low
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50s in river dale. 51 to be exact. the upper 40s westminster rs 48 there, easton 49 degrees , the winds are nice and calm. not dealing with foggy conditions this morning, we have a few clouds out there and also it's a good thing that the clouds are out there, we would have been under the frost advisory as well. maryland's most powerful radar is dry around maryland. our eye takes us in to pennsylvania. we are seeing a little shower popping up across the area, it is fizzling out some. we can see to it the west of carlisle and i york, pennsylvania. temperatures in the mid-40s in to york, pennsylvania. hour by hour forecast for today, as we break it down by 8:00, temperature 55 degrees, that should be our low temperature starting out this morning. temperatures are quite chilly and quite lower than that. as we head in to lunchtime, we will see sunshine out there, the temperature coming in at 67 degrees, dry throughout the
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day. plenty of sunshine as we go in to the 3:00 hour. 70 for a high. 75 degrees for this time of the year. nice, it's going to be a great day for a game. we get two of them. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. hopefully two wins, too. best of luck to the orioles. congratulations to the ravens on an amazing win. it was close last night, 95, a disabled car has just been cleared, along the southbound lanes at the toll plaza. harbor are be nice and clear now as well. we have a crash in northwest baltimore. this one is going the be on reisterstown road at prim rose avenue. if you are traveling on 695, traffic is stating to pick up. here is a live look outside. baltimore national pike, the outer loops starting to jam up a little bit. nothing out of the ordinary, though. as we head over to parkville, no problems to report on the
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outer loop towards 83 and inner loop collie as well towards 95. ravens are celebrating a win after playing host to the patriots in a rematch of last season's afc title game. baltimore lost that one 23-20 on a missed field goal, seconds remaining. last night, all about pay back, this time, a much different story. justin tucker, 27 yards out, eeks it in. ravens win this one barely by inches. 31-30 the final score. it was app emotional night for smith. he was on the field hours after learning his younger brother died and this morning, linda so is here with how he made it through the game. >> the support he received from teammates and fans meant so much. he told people about his
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brother's death on twitter and his account flooded with well wishes from fans. he played the game for his brother, kevin jones died before midnight sunday when his motorcycle crashed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor and wearing his helmet. he traveled to virginia to be with his family. he got an hour of sleep. the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. second quarter, smith scored a touchdown and after the game, he says it was all for his younger brother who looked up to smith as his mentor. >> i didn't know how it would hold up. thanks to teammates and coaches and support from everyone around the league and just everyone, everywhere, i was getting texts, people were telling me about my twitter and stuff, i thank even on behalf
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of my family. >> smith says he was very close to his younger brother and posted pictures on his twitter account saying i can't say a bad thing about him. proud to have him as a brother, rest in peace, kevin. you can see photos he posted on his twitter account. smith says being back in the game is helping him cope with his brother's death and looks forward to playing thursday against the cleveland browns. linda so, abc2 news. according to the cdc, number of motorcycles killed in crashes reached an all time high in 2008. the number of people killed in car crashes was at an all time low. statistics show 90% of riders in crashes were self taught and had no formal training. police say that speed may have been a factor in a deadly crash that happened in edgemere around 12:15 sunday morning near the intersection of millers island road and north
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point, investigators say that the drive lost control of his truck and went off the road slamming in to trees. he was thrown from the truck, a passenger was able to get out but collapsed near the scene and died. students from towson university are waking up with a lot of explaining to do. this after police arrest students when a party gets out of control. sherrie johnson is live this morning, what happened? >> reporter: it was a pretty wild weekend, we were here, we are on york road, it started here at record theater early sunday morning, i got to tell you more than 2000 part-time were running up and down the street in this area on york road, total chaos, look at this video, an eye witness shot this on their cell phone. police not a suspect to the ground. towson's homecoming. peop from off campus caused the chaos, one person was shot in the hand and rushed to the
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hospital. six people were arrested, dogs were brought in and pepper spray was used to control the crowd. police say a fraternity party at the record theater got out of control and businesses went on lockdown. >> it got ridiculously busy, the cops kicked everyone out and saying we had to shutdown. >> reporter: six people were arrested and charged with seconds degree assault. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. should you be charged for lost revenue during the first 24 hours during a storm outage? the psc allowed it because it wanted to make sure power companies continued taking part in energy efficiency programs opponents say it makes customers pay for a service even when they are not getting it. anyone can be a victim of a
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appear to be anyone you want on line. >> scammers know the feds say they are pretending to be lawyers. joce sterman explains how in the courtroom it's an attorney's job to present the facts, lawyers are finding their lives are used as fiction on the web.
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according oh to the federal crime complaint center, scammers pull the names from real attorneys and using it to sheet up a sham website. the feds say it happened to a texas attorney who hasn't practiced in years. a fake law website was set up using her maiden name, former office address and bio. professional information is used on the internet. >> they are warning people and putting attorneys on alert. if you see your name pop up used by someone else, contact the fbi, maryland state bar and local police. you might want to check your credit report and bank account to get the verdict. joce sterman, abc2 news. if you are curious, we will post the story on the website this morning, if you want information on scams, joce sterman has you covered. head to, when you get to the website, click on the money tab.
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game was delayed because someone ran onto the field wearing a cape. the video was posted on youtube. see the man jump over the fence near the cheerleaders and make a run for it. if the guy looks familiar, it's because, he is. this is the same guy back on opening day at camden yards, same guy, mark harvey, e ludes secure out there for two minutes. the orioles baned the guy from the ballpark for life. harvey is referred at the baltimore batman. >> is it worth it? he is banned from the park for
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life. >> he will be on chore. >> you love that man. >> i do. he is going to make a tour around the ballparks, nfl stadiums. >> it was nice yesterday. it wasn't that nice, put clothes on. >> i would like to see you in that outfit this morning. very cold temperatures out there this morning. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and also the 50s, bundle up as you head out the door, 45 in pilesville, stevenson 48. 53 in mount airy. centerville 50. 47 easton, galena 47. a chilly start to the morning. we will see sunshine out there, but temperatures won't recover to where we should be for this time of the year.
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let's check out maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry, you have to head up to the north, i- 76, moderate rainfall in a matter of moments. cherlys bug as well. sliding towards the east, crossing over i-81, chambersburg, in on wet weather in a matter of moments. this is what to expect today through wednesday, we will continue to have high pressure in control and tuesday, as we approach wednesday, a cold front will move through the area and with that, that will bring us the chance for rain showers, we are going to see much needed wet weather across the area. the fact is that well, the seven-day forecast is looking good, we will have the temperature coming in at 70 degrees, the one i wanted to show you for today. we will be coming in below that. for tuesday, ample sunshine in
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the foreclosure. a great day for an o's game and wednesday, we will see clouds, that's the day we could see wet weather, see in the game gets delayed or canceled, looking for the next four days, we can see we will be having more sunshine in the forecast, drying out for thursday, the ravens play, we will have another system working in to the picture, as we head in to the end of the week and also for the weekend. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. great weather today for the baseball game and best of luck to the orioleses in the double header as they take on the blue jays. we have an update on a crash in northwest baltimore, cleared from reisterstown at prim rose avenue. using 83, north of 695, no problems to report, it will remain clear as you travel southbound downtown to fayette street. taking a look at 95, downtown,
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395, everything moving along, traveling on 95, white marble, it's going to take you 15 minutes to get downtown. looking at other drive times, no problems on 695, from parkville, towson, the west side of the bellway will remain clear, traffic picking up in  the area. a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, towards 95. that's a d3=ma5!look at you tim traffic.
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national institute of health provides pictures and fact sheets of what you need to know to create the best environment for your child. a link is at stay with us, it was a party to celebrate survival. >> student from perry hall shot on the first day of school. you remember the story, the party celebrating life, but also pitching in to help a family in need. eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
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denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day. only at denny's.
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he was shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school. he is making strides in his recovery. >> able to make a special trip saturday to greet people who showed up for special fundraiser. cheryl conner was there. >> reporter: on the pier at the eastern yacht cl, fitted with a life jacket, and off, daniel goes with his parents, and siblings. he spent two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry hall high on first day of school. we got to follow his boat on a ride like he has never had before. it takes ten minutes to get to heart miller island where he waves to the boaters here for him. >> lewas smiling and laugh -- he was smiling and laughing. >> reporter: the end of the summer party was planned for this days but organizers turned it in to a fundraiser for the
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17 year old, saying the family shared the hospital bills, could be $100,000 or more. there is the in home care and rehabilitation. daniel is anchored down and relaxing on a houseboat as his favorite artist is played. when i saw those boats out there, i thought wow, this is what it's about. people giving, people caring. >> a big thumbs up for how far daniel has come, he is the captain with day one of the school year behind him. >> the support has been incredible. i could never say the words i need to say to express my thanks for that. >> on heart miller island, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> there is no firm date on
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when he will return to school. he will be ready to do it pretty soon. loren is joining was our addition of caption this today. >> christian sent it in. it's of their dogs prince, harry and oscar. we posted it on facebook. sandra wrote just turned 21 in dog years and daddy got us a car. richard saying double trouble. johnny thomas saying how you like my ride? we love your comments. if you have a photo idea, email it to daredevil climber climbs the world's highest steel tower in china. this he scaling it with no safety equipment, except for
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chalk and climbing shoes. he has been arrested more than 100 times for scaling buildings without a permit. h them he applied for the permit to make the climb. amazing feat accomplished in tokyo. 300 children and parents managed to move a boeing 737, actually 787 on saturday. no easy task. the plane weighs 120-tons. the man versus machine tug a war is an annual event intended to boost public attention in aviation. it's time to change the way we clean.
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